Accountants for Freelancers in the UK

Our expert accountants know precisely what a freelancer is looking for when it comes to taking care of financial matters

accountants for freelancers

An affordable freelance accounting service

We have best tax accountants for freelancers in the UK, provide valuable services such as freelance accounting that save time and assist freelancers in maintaining all relevant financial records. 


We offer freelancers an array of strategic financial management capabilities to help them manage the ever-pressing task of filing taxes and provide an overall improved service level experienced by improving the need to perform monotonous tasks manually.


We are a team of chartered certified accountants with vast experience in accountancy and taxation. Our goal is to support innovative projects through accounting software that can efficiently simplify accounting work. With our service, freelancers pay tax correctly, on time and without unnecessary stress. Moreover, we will take care of them if they encounter any problems related to their tax bills.

Accounting Software for Freelancers

We use the best online accounting software to help freelancers stay on top of their finances by providing them with top-notch accounting services. Moreover, we connect freelancers to Xero and FreeAgent accounting software. This way, freelancers can focus more on what they do best. 


If you want us to maintain your accounts, then we’re happy to discuss which accounting software will be the best fit for you. We’re trusted partners with Xero and FreeAgent accounting software.


Give us a call or book your free consultation with one of our accountants for freelancers to find out more.

Our team of chartered certified accountants for freelancers

We’re here to tackle all your accounting needs, you won’t have to worry about getting on top of everything regarding accounting and tax payment. Our accountants for freelancers know precisely what a freelancer is looking for when it comes to taking care of financial matters.


Working with our accountants for freelancers keeps tax time stress-free and straightforward. Our monthly accounting package includes:



Naseems Accountants, have come up with an exclusive package for freelancers that includes management of monthly expenses and income and a free consultation on minimising tax whilst maximising deductions.

Accounting Help & Support

Having a personal connection with our clients is essential to us. That’s why we make it our priority to be available for you whenever you need us, and that’s how we support you from start to finish. 


At Naseems Accountants, we provide accounting services for freelancers and are always available for any of your needs. In addition, we offer a range of tax advice, including help with minimising your tax obligations, as well as advice on tax savings and investments based on your clientele and circumstances.


We take pride in providing services that meet the needs of our clients. Our best-practice approach keeps you satisfied.

affordable freelance accounting service
tax accountant for freelancers

Why choose us

Naseems Accountants is a professional and reliable accounting firm for freelancers with a qualified team of experienced specialist accountants and a perceptive management team. You’ll benefit from an accurate and authentic tax service or bookkeeping for freelancers, as well as other non-financial services related to taxes and accounting.


Our freelance clients will have access to the following:

  • Award-winning Xero accounting software, for one year of £345 and access to FreeAgent accounting software, will allow you to remain at the forefront of your accounting requirements anytime.
  • A dedicated accountant for freelancers is available to answer your questions and address any problems that might arise.  
  • Unlimited support available.
  • Our customer service guarantee.


Our accountants for freelancers are not just someone who will sign off on your taxes and review financial statements. Instead, they are experienced with the complexities of running a freelance small business while often collaborating directly with clients to stay within their budget.


We also help you with the following:

  • Tax liability reduction
  • Help with the process of starting a freelance business
  • Help with the decision to form a limited company or sole trader/partnership model of business
  • Help in determining the number of deductible business expenses
  • VAT registration
  • Support for HMRC inquiry


We want to help your freelance business thrive. We believe that our customised accounting and taxation services will allow you to achieve financial success. We can provide you with an accounting and tax solution much more tailored than the “one size fits all” solutions many firms offer these days.

Find out more about accountants for freelancers

Start your freelancing business with Naseems Accountants. We can help you maintain your accounts. We are proud to be one of the best accountants for freelancers in the UK. Contact one of our accountants today and get advice on keeping your freelance business expenses balanced.

Keeping track of your income and cost is essential, especially if you plan to increase your future revenue. We as your accountant are here to offer support, so give us a call today.


We provide accounting and taxation solutions to freelancers. Our accountants can tailor their services to meet all your needs to provide the right solution for you.

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Talk to an expert

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