Accountants for startups in the UK

The perfect accounting solution and affordable accountants for your start-up business

Accountants for startups in the UK

Professional accountants for startups

When starting a new business venture, it can be easy to overlook the basic business structures which are often taken for granted.


To ensure you’re well educated in such fundamentals, one should consider hiring a professional accountant for startup early in the process. After all, it’s never too early to start a small business.


Whether it’s accounting advice for small businesses, limited companies, or help with HMRC, Naseems Accountants have your back with any services you might need at any budget level.

Support for your accountancy needs and prompt advice

Our accountants for startups are ready to provide professional assistance tailored explicitly to start-ups. We help businesses by answering any questions they may have regarding their business expenses and offering incisive advice to maximise the tax efficiency of your start-up business.


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Supportive accountancy services for startup businesses

Starting a small business can be exciting and potentially rewarding but complex. Of course, there are risks, but the benefits of being your boss and earning potential can motivate you to push through the challenges that inevitably arise at the very beginning.


But this is where most successful entrepreneurs find themselves – genuinely excited by the prospect of building their vision for the first time.


We are delighted to hear about your great aspiration of starting up a business. We will be on hand to help with any questions or concerns you might have about your business from the very beginning.


We have had hundreds of clients who have taken advantage of our accounting and taxation services to start their businesses.


We offer a complete service that includes bookkeeping, company formation, tax strategies, VAT, tax planning, annual accounts, and many more.

Dedicated accountants for startups

A dedicated start-up accountant is there to support you, so rest assured, we will help you organise your company’s finances. In addition, our dedicated accountants for startups will help you file taxation each year and maintain your annual accounts.


We offer yearly Accountancy Health checks for our financial service clients or, in other words, an in-depth review of your business’s finances covering its income & expenditure.

accountancy services for startup businesses
Tax and accounting services for startups

Cloud software & tax and accountancy services for startups

As you start your business, there are many factors to consider when taking care of everything your start-up business needs, which can include the administrative side. 


Our team of Chartered Certified Accountants will ensure that you meet your annual accounts and tax obligations so that your new business runs smoothly. 


Our subscription to Xero accounting software offers a wide range of features for accounting on the go, like invoicing, recording expenses, checking tax liabilities, and much more.


Feel free to contact one of our Xero accountants and avail free one-year subscription worth £345/annually.

See how we help start-up businesses just like you

Business structure advice and support

One of the most vital steps to consider starting your business is deciding on the kind of business structure you want to be. For example, if you’re going to become a sole trader, partnership, limited company, or LLP company.


We will help you by offering support and advice regarding various business structures which suits you best.  Our startup accountants also help you mitigate any legal or tax obligations that affect your earnings—giving you more freedom to achieve business targets and goals.


We will help you get registered

Once you’ve decided on the business structure you want, we can help you get registered for VAT, Payroll, CIS Pensions and much more, which can be a knotty legal process. If you have questions or concerns about the registration process, we are here to help guide you through each step until everything is up and running.

Accountancy services that are hassle-free for your startup business

You can find all your accounting requirements in one location. In-person or online with our team of experts.

  • No penalty guarantees
  • Dedicated start-up accountant
  • Free Xero accounting software for one year


Tax-saving services for your start-up business

Our start-up accountant will assist you in reducing the tax burden and save you money where possible.


Concise and straightforward advice for your start-up business

Our services offer you total control and support for your start-up needs.

  • Regularly scheduled report
  • Confidence and certainty
  • Best client experience
  • Technology with real-time data


We provide accounting and taxation solutions to startups. Our accountants can tailor their services to meet all your needs to provide the right solution for you.

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