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Are you searching for a trustworthy accountant near me? Naseems Accountants is here to help. We offer various accounting services that will keep your business on the move. You can find us in Birmingham, United Kingdom. We have a presence across major towns and cities around Great Britain.

Naseems Accountants offer professional management advice and tax preparation & declarative work at competitive rates, so you don’t need an expensive firm if it’s just about keeping books. You can keep all your finances in order with the help of our team. Our accountants will provide you with unlimited support and advice while also providing online accounting software free for three months worth £78 plus VAT designed for small business owners like yourself.

When it comes time to make important decisions about investing or managing cash flow at work more efficiently, call us. Naseems Accountants has exactly what’s needed. Trusting an accountant may seem daunting, but when looking into how much easier life becomes after hiring someone qualified, a few reasons why doing so makes sense.

Whatever you or your business needs, we have a solution. Whether it’s online accounting and tax filing services for those who work exclusively from home, onsite meetings in our professional office space with accountants available at all times if unexpected questions arise while doing transactions over the phone line isn’t enough anymore; Or going through financial documents face-to-face where there is no discrepancy too slight which won’t get lost among other things due to lack of attention span because this will be what matters most after everything else has already been taken care off. In addition, a dedicated team here understands how different people’s schedules may change day by day, so they always offer appointments.

Trusting and relying upon an accountant is essential for your success. No appointment is necessary to meet with our team of Chartered Certified accountants. Instead, book your free 30 mins consultation today. Our dedicated team of accountants at Naseem will be there to provide you with unlimited support and advice.


Financial management can be a daunting task, but if you start early and work with an experienced team of accountants, your business will have its best chance at success. Whether it’s for individuals or companies, our highly qualified group is here to help. We’re able to take care of everything from taxes down to offering financial advice when needed most – we’ll make sure that no stone goes unturned in terms of how best to manage finances effectively as they grow alongside this new adventure called entrepreneurship.


We work with all our clients the most professionally and efficiently possible. If you prefer to communicate via email, we can do so as well – even if it’s just for a quick question! We also offer phone consultations. We want to ensure that we meet your needs and offer the most flexible scheduling for any situation. If you or your company would prefer to work online, we can tailor an appointment as such. In addition, if there is something more physical than just talking on a phone call, please book a free meeting at least 24 hours in advance, so it does not conflict with another engagement. Accounting seems to be an essential part of any business. Not only does it help to keep track and report on financials, but compliance with tax laws can be complex without professional accountants taking care of these issues for you. With our team at the Naseems Accountants, we’ll do all that heavy lifting, so there’s no stress or hassle involved in running your company through this process successfully.


Naseems Accountants offer a wide range of services to suit your accounting needs. Whether you need bookkeeping or tax advice, our team will find the best accountant for you- Naseems knows what businesses like yours are looking for. Naseems Accountants offers many different types of service depending on how big or small the company is. If one type doesn’t cover all their specific requirements, they can always turn elsewhere to set up something custom made just right according to an individual situation.

  • YOUR OWN DEDICATED ACCOUNTANT: Our team of dedicated online tax accountants can be on hand to answer all your financial queries throughout the year. We’ll make it easier for you by providing one-stop shopping with our fully qualified and friendly service, so don’t worry about having an accountant in each fiscal period.
  • TAILORED SERVICES: As a small business, you may find that the time and resources required to keep up with your accounting can be difficult. If this sounds like something for which we could help, then get in touch. Our team is straightforward about their pricing so there would never be any surprises when it came down who owed what? To start things off on the right foot let’s go over some basic information first.
  • UNLIMITED HELP AND ADVICE: We have been set up for success from day 1. We know that you want to be thoroughly sound in your financial affairs, and we are here to help with any questions or concerns. Give us call if there is anything at all – our customer service representatives will answer them promptly so don’t hesitate.
  • REAL-TIME BOOKKEEPING: We offer a range of services to keep your finances in order. A business should never have an internal audit without regular feedback, and with our bookkeeping service you’ll be able to see how well everything is going. Whether it’s payroll or taxes season – We will help put together the perfect plan for success this year by providing you access into real-time numbers across many platforms through Xero Accounting Software tailored just perfectly for entrepreneurs like yourself looking to grow their company successfully while staying compliant as possible under ever changing regulations.
  • SELF-ASSESSMENT TAX RETURN: Claiming the benefits of tax-free status under sections 80c, d and other qualifying provisions is compulsory. If you don’t prepare your self-assessment return report for this year, then it’s likely that by not acting now will mean paying more than necessary in taxes with penalties or even being penalised as well.
  • VAT RETURN SERVICES: Let’s take away your worries and deal with complex situations. We have more than 40 years of experience in dealing with VAT returns, as well as EU imports/exports businesses.
  • PAYROLL: Whether you are looking to hire a new payroll service or want help with switching providers, our team is here. We have helped many businesses in the past and can take care of all aspects that come along during this process smoothly.
  • CORPORATION TAX: Financial statements prepared by our team are always impeccable. We consistently provide clients with strategies to avoid financial responsibility through tax compliance, minimising their exposure for risks in this area of expertise – all while maintaining an A-list reputation among consumers and employees alike.
  • PERSONAL TAX: We are the go-to for any tax issues you might have. If it’s an inheritance receipt or just some guidance on how best to handle your finances, our team of experts will be there every step of the way.


Make the right decisions for your company. Our team of experts and experienced professional accountants has all you need to ensure any long-term goals or growth strategies are met with solutions, not obstacles in sight.

We will review what kind of financial help is best suited for our needs without getting too far ahead on planning; whether it’s forecasting tax relief options before they arise (because everyone deserves some predictability), finding ways around raising funds, when necessary, through various means like crowdfunding campaigns which can be great ways get back into.

Get the information you need for your business to run efficiently with our accounting software and systems. Get it delivered right when it matters most, no matter where the UK might be. When you need a partner who can provide guidance and support for any aspect of your business, turn to our experts. We provide the best accounting services and help with critical decisions that impact all aspects of running an enterprise successfully during these uncertain times, no matter what industry or size company.


You can’t get any more personal than this team of chartered certified accountants. We are proud to be business owners, so we understand the importance of a flexible approach with tax issues and accounting services for small businesses and large corporations- you name it. And when it comes time for your annual review? You want someone who knows what they’re doing.

Talk about service-minded individuals: we will go out on all fours, if necessary, so we don’t miss anything important during our search. Our team of qualified chartered certified accountants, members of the Association for Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA), are here to provide you with exceptional service. Whether an individual or business client – no matter their size- they will receive personalised treatment that is second to none. We have worked on projects in all parts of the UK from London down through Hampshire and Berkshire up into Northampton shire where our current clients include individuals who own sole traders as well charities organisations looking at ways how tax reliefs can help them continue providing vital support services across England’s rural areas without receiving any government funding whatsoever because most people don’t realise what these types of organisations do when times get tough. We also employ finance technicians explicitly trained.


The world of business is changing, and so too must the tools we use. The Xero Accounting System can help automate repetitive tasks that might take up your time, such as invoicing or payments; it automatically enables you to save money by doing them for you.

Naseem’s accountants offer new clients three months complimentary membership valued at £78 plus VAT with their award-winning software.


Naseems Accountants know how important it is to provide you with a service that fits your needs and budget. We offer fixed monthly plans that allow for customisation, so we can help determine what would be best suited in terms of services; no hidden fees will ever apply. We ensure that you feel comfortable, so the focus is on business. Our experts can assist with any questions or concerns regarding accounts, and we will go out of our way to make sure your company’s stability improves in some small measure every day while providing a better-quality service for clients who rely on us as their trusted adviser.

Industry leaders have trained our team to know what it takes to get results and do them seamlessly; this includes handling everything from finances through marketing – all without getting distracted along the journey. We’ve got you covered. Your search for a reliable accountant is over. We’re here to help, and we’ll do everything in our power so that this process goes smoothly for you, focusing on top quality service from start to finish.

Our award-winning team has been helping people just like yourself get back into shape financially with an impeccable track record of success at all levels – large or small businesses alike (online accounts available too). So don’t hesitate any longer; contact us today about getting started.

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