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Confirmation Statement Filing Services in birmingham

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Confirmation statement?

If you plan to incorporate a company, it is essential to understand the legal document known as the confirmation statement. The confirmation statement includes details of changes in directors, company addresses, and numbers. In addition, it displays essential information about the governing law applicable to a company’s management.


Therefore, it is essential that you submit the confirmation statement each year to  Companies House.

What is the PSC register?

Companies are required to show who exactly is responsible for managing their operations. This person has the ultimate decision-making concerning what’s going on with the company. A PSC (person with significant control) directly holds 25% or more of a company’s shares or voting rights.


Establishing rules and procedures for a company can be difficult depending on whether the company has a board of directors, family members, or has outside investors involved. However, if you opt to appoint someone like your company’s PSC or make changes through a confirmation statement? Our qualified chartered certified accountants can help you accordingly.

Confirmation statement filing services

Confirmation statement filing is a common requirement when dealing with documents based on the Companies Act 2006. Such documents include annual accounts, notices published under company law, change of name, address, shares, and much more. 


Any limited company integrated under the Companies Act 2006 in the UK must file its confirmation statement at Companies House within 12 months of integration. We at Naseems Accountants can prepare your document by ensuring full compliance with UK laws and regulations. 


Your confirmation document must include the following information:

  • Information on the directors of the company.
  • Information on the Secretary of a company (if selected).
  • The registered address of a company as well as SIC codes.
  • Information about shareholders and shares issued.
  • Person of significant control (PSC).

What happens if your confirmation statement is late?

Suppose you don’t submit your confirmation statement on time. In that case, Companies House can impose a penalty or, worse, dissolve your limited company. However, Companies House will generally issue a warning letter if your confirmation statement is late.


We at Naseems Accountants provide you with Companies House confirmation statement filing services. We will fully complete the task, following rules and regulations to avoid penalties.


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Limited company confirmation statement filing
How we can help you with the confirmation statement

How we can help you with the confirmation statement

We at Naseems Accountants can complete the entire filing process for you:


  • We will create an annual confirmation statement.
  • We will assist you in filing your statement form and submitting it with Companies House.
  • We will make sure that your confirmation form is filed in compliance with all UK rules and regulations.
  • We will handle and file dormant company accounts and annual confirmation.

Why Naseems Accountants?

Here at Naseems Accountants, we have a team of qualified chartered certified accountants who can help with all your accounting needs for your limited company. Our skilled accountants can help you with filing statements, along with the tax returns, annual accounts, payroll for your limited company, and much more. 


Where possible, we will try to provide flexible solutions and deal with Companies Hous. We will also keep you informed throughout the confirmation process, ensuring that you can access all relevant documents if needed.


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