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Contact us for information on tax obligations related to your cryptocurrency business and seek expert guidance from a qualified tax accountant and crypto accountants within the UK.

Crypto Accountants

Crypto accountants for individual crypto investors

Our Crypto accountants can provide you help with a robust understanding of how cryptocurrencies may impact your tax liability, structure your affairs for maximum tax efficiency, and make sure the correct amount of taxes is paid.


If you have engaged in any cryptocurrency investing or trading, be sure to contact one of our accountants to help you plan around potentially complex tax issues that arise when using digital currency exchanges or trading on margin.

Crypto accountants for businesses & blockchain technology businesses

Our cryptocurrency accountant is an expert in our field, knows the sector your business deals in, and understands what you need. This means that we can help you spot any opportunities that arise and advise how to pursue them.


We can help you with domestic and international structuring of your company, issues surrounding payments in cryptocurrency and access to the Enterprise Investment Scheme – plus identifying and assisting with research & development tax credits if they apply.


Get in touch with one of our UK crypto accountants If you’re an individual or business to solve all tax issues related to cryptocurrency.

When is your cryptocurrency assets considered disposal for tax purposes?

Cryptocurrency assets will be disposed of for tax purposes at the time of:


  • When you sell your cryptocurrency assets
  • When you exchange your tokens with another kind of cryptocurrency assets
  • When you use your cryptocurrency assets to pay for goods or services
  • When you donate your cryptocurrency assets to a third party

Do I have to declare cryptocurrency on my tax return?

Cryptocurrency is on the rise worldwide, and when more people are investing in it, they often don’t know that they must pay tax on the profits they make.


Many cryptocurrency investors assume they can claim their profits as expenses of their income or don’t need to report investments – this is incorrect. However, cryptocurrencies are subject to tax in the UK.


As there’s potentially much money to be made from cryptocurrency, HMRC has started to notice. HMRC wants to ensure people follow all the relevant laws to pay their fair share, as it could dramatically affect how economies perform in the future.


We see many businesses who aren’t prepared for this sudden situation – so we suggest you get involved in the cryptocurrency tax compliance today with Naseems Accountants and don’t let rules and regulations slow down your business growth.


There’s much confusion around what crypto activity is considered taxable in crypto accounting, making it necessary to work with crypto accountants who can advise you on the latest tax laws that apply when dealing with your cryptocurrency transactions.


Request a free quote to learn more about the taxation of cryptocurrency.

crypto tax accountants

How our crypto accountants can help?

We have crypto accountants and tax advisors on our team who know exactly how to overcome the challenges associated with crypto trading. We’re also sensitive to the new opportunities that arise with cryptocurrencies, so we can always be updating ourselves for the benefit of our clients. However, we provide support with:


  • The calculation of your tax-deductible gains and losses
  • HMRC enquiry and filing obligations annually
  • Undeclared gains in crypto and public disclosures   
  • Tax planning to ensure that your crypto assets are properly structured   
  • Make sure that the correct valuations are used to dispose of your crypto assets 
  • Structures that are tax-efficient for non-UK individual
  • Management reporting, forecasting & budgeting

Cryptocurrency advice

Our team of chartered certified accountants is passionate about providing sound crypto tax advice to our clients, helping them see a clear picture.


It’s no secret that there are a lot of scams out there taking advantage of the crypto-curious and those new to digital assets, but we can’t emphasize enough how important it is to be informed if you want to avoid getting scammed.


However, we cannot provide you with investment advice, but we can discuss risk and explain why unregulated investing comes with so many risks.


If you have any queries related to your tax regulations for cryptocurrency or about your specific situation, book your free meeting today to get help from one of our crypto accountants.

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