Do I need an accountant for a limited company?

Running a limited company is a challenging task. Owners have to go through many ups and downs during the process. Along the way, you have to make critical decisions for your business. It means your time is very valuable and must be utilised on the core tasks of your company.

So it is an excellent choice to consult an accountant to balance the accounts for your limited company, as it will save you valuable time to focus on essential and critical work. Now, why do you need an accountant for a limited company?

Consulting a professional accountant in your business is optional, but hiring one has perks. As we know about the importance of an accountant, let’s know further how an accountant could be a key changer for your limited company.

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Manage Bookkeeping

It is one of a limited company’s most vital and time-consuming tasks. It is tricky and has to be done efficiently. Logging receipts and invoices feel like a huge burden. All your textual documents may be available if HMRC knocks in at some point; losing any critical data is nearly a nightmare.

You can book a free consultation with our experienced accountant to reduce your tension in tackling this grueling task and do the work nicely.

Payroll Management

In large businesses, this process is performed inside the organisation, but most small businesses outsource skilful individuals who can perform this task efficiently.

Moreover, it will save you a lot of time on tricky tax calculations and paperwork for HMRC. Luckily we have the right individuals to carry out this work; they will be dedicated to perform this task for you.


Like other accounting terms, VAT is equally essential for your business. It is a challenging accounting procedure as rules and regulations for VAT tend to change from time to time. An VAT returns accountant will sort out VAT obligations and choose the most suitable way to save your expenses as much as possible. They can also tackle quarterly VAT returns and make sure to save you from VAT fines.

Annual accounts

A limited company must file Annual accounts with HMRC and Companies house each year. If your company cannot file these, the consequences can be fatal.

Your company can face a heavy fine, and there is also a strong possibility that your company will be struck out of the register and have to face legal action.

Tax returns

You must submit your tax returns to HMRC at the end of each financial year. The main aim of these returns is to declare the company’s taxable profit.

In the worst-case scenario, if your company did not make a profit or is below the there’s hold to pay a tax, you still have to submit them.

Profits adjusted for expenses and investments should be displayed. The paperwork can be overwhelming, but your accountant can prepare it and compute the amount of Corporation Tax you owe. In addition, they can send timely payment reminders.

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Helping you in establishing a new company 

Your accountant can easily do the job if you want to establish a new business. They can also guide you regarding your tax responsibilities. They can register the company in their name on your behalf.

Moreover, they will guide you in significant accounting work such as VAT, BOOKKEEPING and many other things.

Advantages of consulting a professional accountant for your limited company

We already discussed the financial work your accountant will perform for you. There are many more perks of consulting a professional accountant for your Limited company. 

  • One of the most significant benefits of consulting an accountant is time-saving. They will relieve a hefty burden on you by managing your financial work.
  • Peace of mind is essential in running a limited company, and you will feel more relaxed knowing that your accounting is in the right hands.
  • Rules regarding accounting terms change over time. It is a tricky task to tackle, but you already have the expertise of a professional on your side.
  • Help out your limited company in saving tax charges and also in the purchase of good accounting software.

These are a few common points, but the perk list is quite long; after hiring our professional, you will be happy with your decision.

How Naseems accountant can help your limited company?

As soon after starting your limited company, the first aim for that business is to take you up to new heights of success. We helped many limited companies and still helping them to grow their business. Our professional accountants have worked in the industry for quite a long time. They understand the ins and outs of the business industry.

Our devoted working Professionals are always willing to take on any accounting work. Providing satisfaction to customers is our main priority; we always meet the standards of our customers.

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Frequently asked questions

A limited company doesn't need to hire a professional accountant. But considering this option is quite good, as it will help you in your accounting sector.
Well, it is not mandatory to have one, but if you hire a professional for your accounting work, it is a good choice. As these individuals work on demanding accounting tasks, that will buy you the extra time you can utilise on other essential matters.
Your own business accounts can be created and filed. However, it can be wise to use an accountant's services unless you are 100 % certain in your ability to complete the accounts yourself. Always remember to look for an accountant who has professional indemnity insurance.
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