Limited Company Formation Services

Our limited company formation services in Birmingham allow clients to form a company and start a business in the UK.

Limited Company Formation Services

Expert advice on a limited company formation in Birmingham

Your limited company name is like a book cover, put some time and thought into choosing one because it says a lot about you. For example, suppose your company name is clear and concise, memorable, and simple enough. In that case, it tells customers what to expect when they use your service and conveys a sense of professionalism.


At Naseems Accountants, we want your business to grow, so we would love to help you choose and register the right limited company name.

Let us handle your limited company formation

Birmingham is certainly a shining example among the West Midlands’ great places to incorporate a limited company. That’s because you can count on Naseems Accountants to help you form your limited company with the maximum advantage of our years of experience in the accounting industry.


Reliable state-of-the-art accounting services are available for small and medium businesses by our chartered certified accountants in the UK. In addition, we offer a custom-tailored limited company formation package to meet each client’s needs.


If you want to start a business, Naseems Accountants are the accountants you can trust. We have assisted in the formation of several limited companies. As a result, our clients feel prepared well before the process of formation of limited company in UK begins.



Our team of chartered certified accountants operates efficiently and with the highest level of accuracy. So, if you would like help setting up your unique business idea or starting a new venture, why not give our team at Naseems Accountants a call?

Incorporation procedures

To register a limited company in the UK, you must file form IN01, which contains detailed information about what must be included with your application. These details are set out in the Companies Act 2006 and include things such as names and addresses of directors, copies of certain documents to be submitted, and details as to where you reside – among other things.


A company is only established following a memorandum of association, a brief document that evidences every endorser’s intent to form the company and be an associate member. This document does not state the purpose of the proposed company.


However, all companies must have a statement of the objects for which the company is incorporated (confirmation statement). Companies are not required to specify their authorised share capital.


It must also be accompanied by articles needed to determine certain things, such as limitations on share transfers, provisions for re-registration, or any restrictions on lending money to shareholders.


There are three kinds of limited companies that are:

  • Private Company which is limited by shares.
  • Private limited company with a guarantee.
  • Limited liability company for public use.


When you form a limited company, there are many legal issues that you must face and take care of. In addition, throughout the various stages of development, companies deal with a plethora of situations that require strict rules and regulations as part of their operations. One such requirement is the statement of capital.


A statement of capital is not just another piece of paper; it is required by law. All limited companies incorporated as a public limited by shares (public or private) must provide information on the share capital that is issued as well as its initial stockholdings to the registrar’s company division upon incorporation.

Expert advice on a limited company formation in Birmingham
Forming a limited company in Birmingham

Forming a limited company in Birmingham

When it comes to your business, it’s important to remember to keep things as simple as possible. Our job is to help you with setting up a new limited company and ensure a stress-free experience for you during this time.


All you need from us to get started is the necessary legal documentation. If you have any questions, ask; we’re always willing to address all your questions and concerns promptly and efficiently during the process.


We offer our clients honest and reliable advice as qualified chartered certified accountants in Birmingham. This has led to us becoming one of the most highly recommended accountancy firm in Birmingham. 

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We can provide helpful advice to assist you. Find a solution for whatever business problem comes your way. Whether private ltd company formation in UK or general accounting solutions, we can provide the tailored-made service that can give the results you’re looking for.


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