Recognising and Reporting Companies House Scam Letters

Fraudulent Companies House letters are circulating. A client has reported a suspicious letter purporting to be from Companies House, demanding payment for “Enhanced Web Filing”. We advise our clients to remain vigilant and alert to these deceptive letters; these letters look authentic, but it is a scam, mimicking official Companies House correspondence.

These fraudulent letters instruct the recipient to scan a QR code to make the payment, threatening suspension of their ability to file accounts online if they do not comply.

Companies House has confirmed through a post on X (formerly Twitter) that these letters are a scam. They urge businesses and individuals to remain cautious and disregard any instructions from such correspondence.

These scams can be very convincing at first glance. If you receive such a letter, please do not make any payments or provide any personal or company filing details. Instead, contact HMRC directly on 0303 1234 500 to verify the letter’s authenticity or report it to phishing@companieshouse.gov.uk.

If you have received suspicious correspondence asking for payment details, we are here to help. Be aware of this scam, and contact us for further assistance. Book a free 30-minute consultation with our Charities and Social Economy team for a more in-depth discussion and stay updated by following Naseems Accountants on Facebook.

Remember, the information provided in this article is all generalised. For specific situations, you should seek advice. If you have any queries or need legal advice, don’t hesitate to contact us at Naseems Accountants. We’re here to help you navigate through these challenging times.

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