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We will help you setting up an offshore company in the UK & resolve any issues about new tax laws set by the government.

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Our offshore accountants

Naseems Accountants has provided accountancy and taxation services to offshore companies in the UK for over 40 years. Our team of offshore accountants understands that specific needs may be required when setting up an offshore company in a particular region of UK. Therefore, we examine our clients’ requirements and aid throughout the process if needed.


Integrating functions, including accounting and taxation, can be challenging when working with offshore company registration in the UK. However, by using Integrated business services such as our offshore accounting services, you can experience the following benefits:


  • Offshore company setup in the UK generally enjoys a reduced corporation tax level and full foreign ownership compliance without any restrictions.
  • Benefit and freedom are rarely found elsewhere as multi jurisdiction businesses have different restrictions on foreign ownership. At the same time, single jurisdiction companies cannot claim a reduced effective tax rate.
  • Directors or shareholders are also guaranteed absolute discretion when integrating locally based businesses.
Our offshore accountants are always on call to provide offshore companies in their chosen jurisdiction. So, are you looking for quality offshore accounting services that can help you? Then look no further, contact us, and book your free consultation with one of our chartered certified accountants.

Offshore accountancy services and tax advisory

Our offshore accountancy and tax advisory services are tailored to meet your specific needs with a considered approach. Our offshore accountants don’t just advise offshore companies on the initial steps but also make sure to remind them where they fit into the larger picture of their status and corporate position.


We also consider possible ways for offshore companies to avoid paying unnecessary taxes. With our experienced offshore accountant on your team, you won’t have to play out the guessing game when it comes time to file corporate tax and reports.


Our offshore accountants offer comprehensive advice and explain relevant tax law changes so that your compliance efforts are maximised.


  • Residency rules and guidelines
  • Overseas tax
  • UK tax planning strategies and tax planning
  • Company formation offshore
  • Bookkeeping
  • Annual accounts
  • Management accounts
  • Assistance on tax exemptible expenditure
  • IR35 guidance
  • Self-assessment return filing and completion
  • Completion of the tax return of a corporation and filing
  • Notification and compliance with HMRC deadlines
  • Notification and conformity with Companies House deadlines
  • Accredited Payroll service


Tax affairs can be confusing, and disagreements can easily lead to fines or worse. However, our team of offshore tax accountants can guide you along the way toward your goal.


Our offshore accountants take care of everything from managing finances to preparing tax submissions, so you won’t have to worry about anything on this front.

Offshore accountancy services and tax advisory
Offshore accountants for non-UK residents

Offshore accountants for non-UK residents

We also help individuals who live outside the UK but are eligible to pay UK Income Tax. Most commonly, these are individuals who own UK rental properties. However, we can also help residents with connections to the UK through any other means, e.g., directorships, investing in the UK, and so on. We can help with:


  • Capital gains tax returns for non-residents of the UK.
  • Non-resident landlord (NRL) applications along with the tax returns.
  • Self-assessment tax returns for those who are not UK residents.

Choosing the right prerogative: Offshore company formation services

Our offshore accountants can assist with your needs and provide information about:


  • The company’s formation and annual renewal charges.
  • Requirements for domicile about residents’ officers.
  • In-continuing compliance with the UK requirements.
  • The stability of the corporate legislation.
  • Laws and ordinances in the local area.
  • Privacy regarding banks and disclosures to the public.


Get in touch with one of our chartered certified accountants to schedule an initial meeting for more details on offshore tax and accounting!

Why choose Naseems Accountants

Good accounting and bookkeeping are essential components in the daily operation of any company (let it be local or international). And Naseems Accountants is here to make sure your business has everything in place so that it stays sound and solvent.


Making using of our accountancy services ensures that you don’t have to concern yourself with anything related to accountancy and taxation aspect of your business.


  • Keeping up-to-date records of company expenditure.
  • Monitoring accounts receivable, cash flows, and gross income.
  • Allocating budgets to determine the financial possibility of the business.
  • Compliance with the tax regulations and annual returns.
  • And much more.


Our qualified offshore accountants also help you resolve any issues about new tax laws set by the UK government, allowing you to pay less on each quarterly or annually without compromising stability, ensuring your peace of mind.


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