Payroll Services for Small Business

Join the thousands of small businesses that trust Naseems Accountants for fast, easy, and accurate payroll processing!

Payroll Services for Small Business

Trusted payroll services for small business

Naseems Accountants is a payroll outsourcing firm based in the UK. We provide payroll services for small businesses up to large and limited companies. You can be ensured that all your statutory requirements are met by outsourcing your payroll to us.


You can keep track of the following so that no key piece of information regarding staff stays unnoticed and unhandled.

  • National insurance contributions
  • Pension schemes
  • And even day-to-day administrative tasks


Our adaptable services fit the needs of businesses looking to outsource their payroll administration.


We have a customised solution for your running payroll needs.

Payroll Management for Small business

We use “12-Pay Payroll Software,” to provide payroll services for small business, which helps us set up payroll to clear HR headaches and legal violations.


Our payroll professionals give a real-time solution, allowing you to avoid payroll backlog and last-minute issues around cut-off dates and deadlines.


We offer entirely bespoke, professional, and affordable payroll outsourcing services which save thousands that would otherwise go into buying software for managing your company’s payrolls.

Fully managed payroll services offered for small business

Our payroll services for small businesses will help you keep track of the gritty details of your business finances, so you can focus on what matters! We are a payroll, tax and accounting service provider with innovative solutions to business owners like you.


Our entire process is fast and hassle-free as we streamline the administration for all your employees, allowing you to focus on getting actual work done.

Payroll Management for Small business
The payroll service provider you can trust

The payroll service provider you can trust

We believe small businesses should pay for what they need without being charged hidden fees. We build our pricing model around small business financial requirements where you only pay for what you use.


Our payroll services for small businesses are as flexible as our clients. Whether you want to do some of the work yourself or outsource payroll processes entirely, we ensure you that your accounts will always be in good hands.


Protect yourself from fines and other penalties by staying compliant with your small business payroll obligations. Our services ensure you the proper salary calculations and payments while keeping your business shielded from any errors that could occur by not following legal regulations.


Naseems Accountants help small businesses navigate today’s complexities by assisting with regulatory changes, compliance, employee experience, and handling sensitive payroll data.

How do our payroll services for small businesses work?

  • Payroll managed service:

We have the best specialist payroll accountants who have experience working with other small business owners so that you can focus more on what’s important.


By leaving your companies payroll in our hands, we’ll provide you with regular updates while handling your payroll requirements.


  • Payroll processing service:

We provide you with the processing platform for you to give us the information of the employees and validate the output provided, and we’ll manage the rest of the payroll for you. Naseems Accountants cloud-based accounting software is very flexible; you can access it anywhere.


Our capable team of payroll services for small business accountants will calculate your employees’ PAYE, payroll taxes, and retirement contributions. We also help you stay compliant with HMRC and various other regulations.


  • Pay-as-you-earn small business payroll:

Having a pay-as-you-earn payroll service could be excellent for your business and beneficial when you’re just getting started. With Naseems Accountants managing payroll for your business, we have the resources to ensure that you get all the help you need to keep your employees paid accurately and on time.


As one of the leading payroll services provider for small business in the UK, we offer convenient solutions explicitly designed to meet the needs of your business.


Whether you require daily, weekly, or monthly processing, our highly trained staff will take care of everything from start to finish—even after-hours financial reporting if needed.


Naseems Accountants offers many other small business support services like bookkeeping, accounting, and taxation services geared towards business growth.


Whatever your payroll needs, Naseems Accountants are at your disposal!

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