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We have a team of property accountants and tax advisers offering a complete accounting and tax solutions to property owners

Property Accountants

Accountants for Property owners

At Naseems accountants, we try to recognise your strengths and weakness so that we, as property accountants, can provide you with better guidance towards the most appropriate business structure tailored to your needs.


For example, suppose you’re planning to acquire more properties. In that case, it makes sense that you should be operating under some legal structure that will allow you to do so legally.


We understand the problems that come with investing and all the troublesome tax issues that arise with it. That’s why at Naseems, we offer tax-efficient advice covering all the areas that could affect your financial planning.


If you are looking to purchase a new investment or residential property, we can provide you with a range of expert advice that can help save you money and lower any tax involved, such as stamp duty land tax. Once you have made an acquisition, we will help ensure annual debts are filed and claim any saving or tax relief you are eligible for.

Certified property accountants & tax advisers

Many of our clients are highly interested in saving taxes such as SDLT, VAT, income tax, corporation taxcapital gains tax, and inheritance tax.


It’s a big issue for many as managing money is a significant factor in any business and can become an overwhelming process. Therefore, we take the time to explain all your taxes and offer ways to mitigate the costs in the future.


Our chartered certified accountants & tax advisers make everything straightforward for you to maintain a sense of financial stability with peace of mind regarding your investment, residential, and rental property.


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Property tax accountants

We are landlord property tax accountants based in Birmingham with expertise in capital gains tax (CGT), landlord tax, stamp duty and land tax (SDLT), value-added tax (VAT), and rental income.


As property tax accountants we offer a comprehensive taxation service to new and existing investors and landlords. Investing impacts everyone’s savings and taxes, so we encourage people to make the most of the wealth potential in the property market today.


Before making any investment, one must understand their legal requirements to ensure you are up to date with all your compliance matters.


Therefore, we offer a whole range of taxation services designed for investors featuring enhanced security measures aimed at helping them succeed without having too much trouble along the way.

Certified property accountants & tax advisers
Accountants for Property owners

Property accountants

We are property accountants providing accounting solutions for the real estate sector, which involves dealing with accounting issues related to the development of the property and investing in property management.


Our clients include property investors and landlords looking to recruit specialists to handle all their accounting affairs. We provide different services depending on our client’s needs, including preparing company accounts, partnership accounts, finance functions, business plans, payrolls, and bookkeeping.

Property business support

Our team of chartered certified accountants is passionate about providing sound property advice to our clients, helping them see a clear picture.


Our property accountants can ensure your productivity by making the right moves in opening a bank account, getting mortgage funding, and forming a structure for your business, as well as integrating investment strategies into your company’s financial plan.

Why Naseems accountants?

Naseems accountants is an accounting firm who have assisted many individuals from various industries, including:

  • Landlords
  • Construction industry
  • Self-employed
  • Small business owners
  • Directors
  • Contractors
  • Partnerships
  • Expats
  • We offer a personal service

Our tax accountants are highly qualified at filing tax returns for our clients. At Naseems we will try our best at getting the lowest tax possible for you and your business. By allowing us to take over your filing requirements, you can enjoy seeing benefit and savings gained through having qualified accountants handle your work.

  • Super speedy service

We value speed and efficiency here at Naseems accountants. Once we’ve received all your company information, we will prepare your accounts and tax return as quickly as possible.

  • We keep things simple

Working on tax can be complicated. Therefore, we have designed our process to be as simple as possible because we don’t want you to have all the stress of dealing with the compliance work.

  • We save you tax

We’ve got a property tax accountant who knows what they’re doing. They’ll help you calculate the right amount, and you’ll see if it’s accurate, so there are no surprises.

  • Strictly confidential

By submitting your information, we will complete your tax return. We won’t share this information with anyone other than the HMRC when we file it for you.


With a range of clients across the UK, we has always fulfilled its promise by providing expert property accounting advice and services. Call us or book your free consultation today.

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Talk to an expert

Our property specialist will ask you to provide relevant information to complete your tax return. The process can be done via phone or email if a concealment clause is in place to protect any sensitive information.

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Get a fixed quote

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