Accountants for Self-Employed

Naseems Accountants is a taxation and accountancy consultation firm. We offer top-quality services to self-employed individuals

Accountants for self-employed

Accountants for self-employed

Accountants for Self-Employed can make or break your business. Not only must they keep the books, but accountants for self-employed also provides you with all the tools and resources needed to become successful in this competitive world. In order to decide which accountant to choose, you need to think about the type of accountant you’re looking for.


A lot of people struggle with the finance side of self-employment especially with tax. At Naseems, we help make your finances less complicated and help make sure you don’t miss out on schemes that give you a tax advantage.

Do you need an accountant if you are self-employed?

Being self-employed can be a fulfilling and a successful experience. Still, challenges come with this lifestyle, such as difficulty making decisions or dealing with inflexible schedules. There’s no perfect solution for this.


At Naseems Accountants, we know that every business needs to comply with tax regulations. That’s why our team of chartered certified accountants are committed to helping the self-employed setup and register for HMRC. We also give out expert advice on allowances reliefs deductions available for you. So, if starting a new business is on the horizon, then our accountants for Self-Employed can help you thrive.

What can accountants for self-employed do for you?

Our accountants for self-employed help clients grow their businesses and advise them on how best to handle the tax stress involved. Our advice would be for you to investigate professional assistance if this sounds like something that might interest you.


We’ve seen many self-employed people take advantage of these services with satisfactory results:


  • Accounting Services
  • Business Support
  • Business Advisory
  • VAT
  • Tax Services
  • Payroll Services
  • Service Charge
  • Management Accounts

Specialist tax accountants for self-employed

Naseems Accountants provides tax consultancy and accounting services for self-employed people all over the UK. Our accountants for self-employed help our clients through every step from registering to preparing and submitting their tax returns, including advising on allowable expenses like equipment purchases or repair costs so they can be subtracted right off your tax bill. We can help calculate HMRC payments and help reduce this amount. We can also spread your cost, so you do not have to pay a large chunk all at once.

Tax Accountants for self-employed
accountant for your self-employed business

Why Naseems Accountants?

Naseems Accountants stays up to date with the latest financial rules and regulations to help you achieve the lowest tax payable without any backlash. We provide high-quality services for self-employed individuals, small businesses owners, and large-scale enterprises in need of business advice from someone who truly understands what they are going through on an individual level.


In addition to providing traditional accounting functions such as reconciliations or financial statements, we also take pride in our quality of services within this industry by offering comprehensive tax planning advice which can help you achieve your financial goals.


As an accountants for self-employed, we want to help all our clients succeed and grow in their businesses. So, we’re committed not only to the work we do but also to what it takes for them to overcome challenges they might face on a day-to-day basis. For this reason we give our clients a sense of ease as they know that we will have their backs every step of their journey.

Finding the right accountant for your self-employed business

There are different types of accountants for self-employed businesses. Some accountants focus on the bookkeeping element of businesses, whereas others focus on the self-assessment tax element. And finding the best accountant comes down to knowing what you want from them and ensuring that the accountancy is a reputable company.


Our accounting team for self-employed is here to take care of your business needs. We specialise in modern, small-business and freelancers looking for an accountant they can trust.


Hiring an accountancy firm is essential. First, of course, you want to find someone who can help with your company’s financial needs and stay up to date, but it’s also vital that they speak in clear terms, so you know what the future holds for your business


A successful self-employed business needs the help of an accountancy expert. We offer maximum value for your unique needs and reduce stress when it comes to tax, so get in touch today.

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