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Our Statutory accounts specialists will prepare all necessary accounts so that future tax planning opportunities are at their disposal for as long as possible.

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Preparing statutory accounts

Naseems Accountants is all about getting you the best possible results, with a team of accountants who have your back and will work tirelessly to ensure every detail has been taken care of. The statutory accounts are necessary for keeping companies in compliance with their regulatory obligations and offer much more. Statutory accounts provide an insight into how well businesses operate, which might help them make decisions on future directions or initiatives as well as protect against fraudulent activity within any business unit.


Naseems accountants take statutory accounts as they come with their requirements under Companies House or HM Revenue & Customs. We have found that in many cases, statutory accounts are effective at providing opportunities for improvement. Our clients are able to find the missing opportunities that are normally overlooked by other businesses and provide better results in their organisation while also being compliant with HMRC and Companies House.


The statutory accounts are a gold mine of information. They can be used to plan and identify areas that need cost control while giving you an idea of how your company is performing in terms of profit margins.


Naseems Accountants are committed to providing you with professional and compliant accounting services. We use the latest computerised software, so your statutory accounts prepared can be 100% up to date. We will prepare both statutory financial statements and provide bookkeeping summaries if needed.

Statutory accounts key facts


  • A short set of statutory accounts (abbreviated accounts) must be submitted to Companies House within nine months following their period-end date.


  • The business owner must file a complete set of statutory accounts with more detailed notes and the attached profit-loss statement. These will be submitted for review by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

Accurate financial statements

Accurate financial statements are crucial for any business, and we can help you understand your financial performance. Our experts will provide actionable insights to take necessary steps towards achieving your long-term goals.


Financial reporting in the UK is not a straightforward task. With new regulations and updates to laws, rules, or guidance – you need an expert on your side who can help make sure you comply with all relevant standards.


Accurate and compliant statutory accounts are essential to any company. Whether you’re preparing statutory or IFRS reports, complying with UK GAAP (FRS 102) or international rules and regulations can be tricky without the proper skill set- which is why we’ve got everything here.


As a leading accounting firm, we ensure that your business operates within the law. We can help you apply relevant interpretation and current best practices so that there are no surprises down the line.

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Statutory Accounts Specialists

We can help you with financial reporting

The UK is a diverse and complex market, with several reporting options for financial reports. We can assist you in the following:


  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) We can help you prepare consolidated financial statements in compliance with IFRS. We have experience drafting these reports for listed companies and non-listing clients alike.


  • Large companies/businesses – Financial Reporting Standard (FRS) applicable in the UK FRS stands for Financial Reporting Standard, and their 102 is the primary standard that applies to most large UK entities. Financial statements should comply with FRS 102, and we can help you meet this degree.


  • Small companies/businesses – Financial Reporting Standard (FRS) applicable in the UK FRS 102 is a complicated set of rules and requirements, but entities must follow. If you’re not a large company, then most of FRS 102 won’t apply – Thankfully, though, there are still some disclosure requirements in place so that any information collected can be used properly.


  • Very small companies/businesses (FRS 105 ‘The Financial Reporting Standard applicable to the Micro-entities Regime’) are the accounting standard for smaller companies. It’s a more manageable and less burdensome than FRS 102, where you must use double entries or other special techniques to report your financials properly.


  • Charitable companies and charities

we help charitable companies to stay compliant with statutory requirements. This includes filing annual reports, as well as making sure that the charity is adhering to any applicable rules and regulations.


We can help you with your statutory accounting requirements. To speak to one of us about this service, book your free consultation.

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