The UK Government launches scheme Help to Grow: Digital

Good news for SME’s The UK Government launches scheme Help to Grow: Digital – UK

Government launches scheme Help to Grow: Digital – UK

On January 20th, 2022, the UK government affirmed their digital commitment to businesses by bolstering digital support under the Help to Grow: Digital scheme. This means that increased funding will enable small and medium-sized businesses to keep pace with the worldwide digital revolution and provide a solid foundation to build and prosper in a new economic environment.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy – helping to foster innovation, new ideas, and positive changes which directly contribute to our flourishing economy. Tech has proven to help businesses be more productive at all stages of growth, no matter how big or small they are.

The Government has launched a new online platform where small and medium-sized businesses can apply their digital scheme and grow. The scheme offers discounts of up to £5,000 to businesses going digital with accounting and CRM software. Small businesses can also access additional advice on specific software through online platforms.

The new Help to Grow: Digital scheme has been launched alongside the Help to Grow: Management scheme from 2021. The new scheme seeks to back businesses and level up the local economy by providing additional help for business owners looking for advice on embracing digital technology to boost and expand their business.

Free Accounting Software

The Government wants to introduce new products and services to help you grow your business further by offering a whole range of merchandise. Including the software that will enable your company to market your product online effectively and successfully – doubling up on sales opportunities.

Small businesses will have access to these primary services and many others, bridging a digital divide that boosts performance and catapulting the UK into a worldwide revolutionary position.

Business is eligible for the Help to Grow: Digital scheme if it meets four of the following criteria set by GOV.UK:

  • Your business must be registered in the UK along with the Companies House and Financial Conduct Authorities Mutuals Register
  • Employing between 5 and 249 employees
  • You must have at least 12 months of experience as a trader, and you must have integrated your company at least one year before this application date
  • First time purchasing Help to Grow:

Eligible businesses will be granted a final financial discount for buying approved software worth up to £5,000 within one of the expanded two categories: Customer Relationship Management and Digital Accounting Software. Additional software product categories, including e-Commerce software, will also be available soon as part of the current scheme discount offer.

For more information on the government’s launch of Help to Grow: Digital scheme to support small and medium-sized businesses, please visit: Help to Grow: Digital scheme

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