HMRC Enquiry

Help With HMRC Enquiry And Tax Investigation
HMRC Enquiry

HMRC Enquiry

There is a procedure in place for individuals and companies who HMRC’s investigative arm has targeted in the UK. It can be an incredibly stressful time if you happen to get caught up with this investigation process.


However, the consequences are severe, and it’s not just for the individual or company being investigated; their family will also suffer. You must trust your advisers at this point to preserve any legal right that may exist and maintain self-control during what will likely become one long process with many steps forward and back without resolution until resolving things through negotiation if possible.


Tax authorities have a variety of ways they can investigate taxpayers. One type is the general inquiry, which usually doesn’t result in imposing fines or charges unless there’s evidence to suggest that an individual has been evading taxes for several years and committed fraud through their claimed earnings on returns.

HMRC Enquiry Specialists

The experience of our HMRC enquiry specialists and tax investigation team is what makes it the best in this industry. They’re able to guide you through any HMRC enquiry and investigation with ease.. So, it’s essential to have an expert team on your side with decades worth of experience dealing with all types of investigation from HMRC.


Our team of HMRC enquiry specialists will help you navigate the HMRC system and ensure that all your assets are adequately reported. We’ll guide you through every meeting, explaining what is happening at each stage, so there’s no confusion about how to best protect you from penalties or taxes owed.


It is no secret that the HMRC has a reputation for being difficult to deal with, especially regarding tax enquiries and investigations. We know all too well how it feels when someone calls your business and makes life-changing demands on you without hesitation or even giving them any consideration whatsoever. In such situations, we would be more than happy to help by working towards returning what was lost through carefully negotiated claims and negotiations where necessary payments will also be made if there’s been distress caused during these inquiries.


The Naseems Accountants team will ensure you get the best possible deal if HMRC is investigating or even just looking into your tax affairs. We can help manage inquiries and ensure all documentation and information needed for an effective defence are provided before any charges come up (whether it be voluntary disclosure or otherwise). As well as discourage potential civil penalties by taking care not only about one’s situation but also that of other relatives/friends who might fall under scrutiny.

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Help With HMRC Enquiries and Tax Investigation

TAX INVESTIGATION: Our tax investigation service team is an expert in resolving HMRC enquiries and tax investigations for our clients. We can help you respond to any general HMRC queries, ensuring that your matter will be handled with care and consideration while still meeting all its requirements.


CONTRACTUAL DISCLOSURE FACILITY COP9: Your tax problems don’t stand a chance because we have the experience and know-how to take care of them. We’ll meet with you to get all relevant information so that our HMRC enquiry specialists can guide you through the process smoothly from start to end.


HMRC CAMPAIGNS: HM Revenue & Customs stiff new laws governing business audits mean there’s currently more work out on desks than ever before. Still, our HMRC tax investigation and enquiry specialists already understand how important it is for companies like yours. So, we will provide the knowledge and advice that ensures any imposed fines are as small as possible, so your company isn’t held back due to this recent change in government policy. This targets businesses that have been substantially compliant with their tax obligations until now but may not know all its risks just yet.


ASSISTING OTHER PROFESSIONALS: The team at Naseems Accountants can provide tax expertise and guidance for other accountants, advisers, or anyone who needs advice on their taxes. We will go over the entire process with you from start to finish to avoid confusion about how it works.


DISCOVERY ASSESSMENT: When you’re facing an uncertain future, the right people must be fighting for your rights. Our tax specialists will manage all aspects of discovery assessment cases and, where necessary, challenge their validity if need be.


CONTENTIOUS HMRC ENQUIRY: We have a team of dedicated and knowledgeable tax professionals who will help you with any HMRC enquiry issue. Should it be that they were at fault, we can compensate for the distress caused as well.


VOLUNTARY DISCLOSURE: Your tax issues are our specialty. Our experienced team will go to bat for you and ensure your situation is handled with care, at a minimal cost, of course.


TAX INVESTIGATION SERVICES: Our Tax Investigation Service will help you avoid the costs of an expensive investigation. With our exclusive program, we’ll provide complete protection for your company against these expenses by enroling with just one phone call.

When you need help, we want to be there for you. Our Investigation advisers can provide sound advice and guidance on how best to handle a case. So, whether reporting the incident or notifying tax law enforcement officials, reach out today.


Our process is fairly straightforward. We utilize approaches that are ideally tailored to your business sector’s performance requirements.

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